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Product Description

FORMO crane assisted climbing system is developed for walls / core walls where the customer have small construction schedule time or huge core walls compared to slab area where time factor is a major issue. So the system will allow walls / core walls to be ahead of slab for 2 or more levels while slab is casted against these walls after woods using special fixed in wall connectors [ couplers ] for rebar connection when the slab is constructed against ready casted walls. The time cycle of such system will allow the customer [ if rebar methodology is Wright ] to do one lift / pour on a 3-4 days cycle.

The major interesting part of this system is the wide platform provided by the system which is around 2.4 m wide that will allow labor to work safe and relaxed once erected and fixed by climbing positioning cones [ placed inside wall prior to concrete ] then connected to system brackets by safe HD bolts and nuts.

The formwork and access working platforms are lifted as one, minimizing the need for crane support and reducing labor and material costs.

FORMO will sure guarantee: Labor’s safe life working on top of it, Safe concrete pouring process, High system flexibility [using few components], Completely adaptable even to inclined and circular walls can be technically easily executed and Finally Minimum transport material’s volume will sure be noticed by the customer upon usage of this system.

Technical Details

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