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Product Description

FORMO shoring prop is designed for the shoring of slab formwork and other diverse applications on site. Long durability Steel-made and protected with epoxy coating. Shoring props designed to support slab formworks, which consist of main beams, secondary beams and plywood panels. It’s height adjustment and fixing eases the quick fitting of the prop.


-Light, heavy duty design and high load capacity.

-Captive inner tube, pin and nut.

-Prop with open thread, slots in the threaded part and self-cleaning thread.

-Full protection for workers’ hands when handling the inner tube.

-Hot-dip galvanization for high-quality anti-corrosive protection.

-System for fast prop striking with pin.

-Worker’s hands are protected when handling the inner tube.

-Fast prop releasing system with nut, striking support and pin to ease formwork striking.

Technical Details

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